It’s a foggy Monday morning in Savannah. Reposting this for those who may have missed it last week. The LJ Algorithm (full of links!) will reprise on the 19th. Stay sane out there.

Change Seven Magazine

Christmas tree of chrismons and Garfield and Kermit, kid cut-outs and pictures of Christmases past, mechanical wonder ornaments and antique hand-made-hand-me-downs. Animals, angels and paper. My Christmas tree’s got cheer and love and sarcasm. Disappointments and sad memories right next to delight. Tye and I decorated it while drinking eggnog and bourbon and listening to Kenny Rogers sing Jesus manifest with a candle for Hecate burning by the door.

This is my house.

Do you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or Eid Milad-un-Nabi? Maybe Yule. Maybe Bacon Day. Maybe Kartik Poornima. Maybe something else. The year’s almost over. For myself, it has been all and only transition—from the Appalachians to South America and then my home state of Georgia again. When I left New York I had no inkling that I would sit thirteen months later in a house in Savannah that I would rent with money from a job I…

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