New essay by yours truly on Change Seven. What the hell are we to do about Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski?

Change Seven Magazine

Laura Jean Moore

I have been at my Kipling again, and I know to say so can at once raise questions about my loyalties and inner politics. He was a notorious apologist of British colonialism and trucked in making the homes of others into exotic settings for fiction and travel narratives. When I read him, I find myself asking the same question Herr Landauer posed to Isherwood quite uncomfortably over dinner in Goodbye to Berlin: “Shall we allow that the man of genius is an exceptional person who may do exceptional things? Or shall we say: No—you may write a beautiful poem or paint a beautiful picture, but in your daily life you must behave like an ordinary person, and you must obey these laws which we have made for ordinary persons?”

Among peers, I have heard the same question asked about the careers of Roman Polanski and Bill…

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