Podcast Launch: Bureau of Complaint

As many of you know, I used to cohost and produce the fabulous podcast Livin’ and Lovin’ in NYC with the glorious Victoria Davis (“The Victator”). During its short run, we were lucky enough to be featured in the Village VoiceSavage LoveWNYCThrillist and FILTHY.

Then I left New York, and with it, my position as cohost.


Enter the Bureau of Complaint.

The Bureau is the brainchild of Tye Pemberton and myself. A podcast for the times, if you will. No complaint is too petty, no rant too long. We’re here to sound off on what gripes us, and most importantly (POSSIBLY), what gripes you. Co-catharsis anyone?

Have a listen to Episode One: Baby Boomers and then send us your feedback (or a complaint of your own) on our website. If you’re feeling extra generous, leave us a review on SoundCloud. (iTunes streaming forthcoming.)

We look forward to hearing from you.


Bureau of Complaint

Description: In 2019, Tye Pemberton and I got so fed up with everything we decided to complain publicly (on a podcast of course). Now streaming on SoundCloud and iTunes. Submit your own complaints here.

Livin and Lovin in NYC

As featured in the Village VoiceSavage Love, WNYC, Thrillist and FILTHY. In 2015, Victoria Davis and I started this rad podcast about sex and dating in NYC. After two episodes we were picked up by KPISS.FM, the internet radio station founded by Sheri Barclay

Description: The Victator and NuBritt (later co-host: Gale Mayness) go off the rails and offend everyone they know while talking about sex, relationships, queerness, heteroshit, and general mayhem.